"Rabbid Test Nº98003-c: the Cube" is the 35th episode of the first season of Rabbids Invasion.

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Rabbids Invasion
Season 1: Omelet Party/Rabbid Mollusk/Rabbid, Are You There?Stop! No More!/Rabbids vs. the Vacuum Cleaner/Runway RabbidsRabbids Say Cheese/Raving Lifeguard/Rabbid MarketElevatorus Rabbidinus/Until Rabbids Do You Part/Rabbid RadarRabbids Against the Machine/Ring! Bwaah!/Radio RabbidRabbid Playa/Fast Food Rabbid/Escalator RabbidScout Rabbids/Jurassic Rabbid/Moo RabbidsKeypad Rabbids/Secret Agent Rabbids/Schnoz RabbidMuseum Rabbids/Kite Rabbids/Never Refreeze a RabbidMusic Rabbid/Wake Up, Rabbids!/R.C. RabbidGet in Line, Rabbids!/Sticky Rabbid/Rabbid Test Nº98002-c: the PlatformRabbidocchio/Rabbid Test Nº98003-c: the Cube/Rabbids with FleasRabbid Elevation/Surprize Rabbid/Rabbid Test Nº98001-c: the MirrorSuper Rabbid/Dueling Rabbids/Rabbid Test Nº98004-c: the AnimalsFlight of the Rabbids/The Rabbid Who Fell to Earth/Holy Rabbid-Cow!Pecking Rabbid/Rabbidmobile/Prisoner RabbidRabbid Dreams/Snoring Rabbid/Hypno RabbidRabbid Race to the Moon/Rabbid Games/Rabbid Test Nº98005-c: the Blue RabbidRabbid Doggies/Rabbid Test Nº98006-c: the Chair/Raving ThirstRabbid Like Me/Rabbid Mozart/Raving AlienRabbid Parasol/Rabbid Tummy Rumble/Rabbid's Rules of OrderRaving Chicken/Plunger Rabbids/Rabbid SnobVampire Rabbid/Rabbid Halloween/Zombie RabbidSafe Deposit Rabbids/Why Did the Rabbid Cross the Road?/Dream On, RabbidRabbid 2.0/Rabbid Undies/Sneezy RabbidO'Come All Ye Rabbids/Slippery and Soapy/Rabbid Stick-Up

Season 2: Being Rabbid/Rabbid Diet/Reflections in a Rabbid EyeGreen Rabbid/Star Rabbids/Rabbid ObsessionRabbidroid/Rabbid Compression/Rabbid FitGuide-Rabbid/The Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbids/Rabbids BFFsThe Moon Rabbid/Dreaming Rabbid/Rabbid SecretsLove Rabbid/Super Inventive Rabbids/Welcome to RabbidlandRun, Rabbid, Run!/Mafia Rabbids/Wild West RabbidDressed Up Rabbid/Self-Conscious Rabbid/Rabbid AssociatesRabbid Home/Rabbid Toast/Voiceless RabbidRabbid Rocket for Grandma/Being Rabbid – Part 2/Appallo 11Rabbid Invaders/Mother Rabbid/Rabbid BabysittingAn Intruder Among the Rabbids/Buddy Rabbids/Rabbids Stage CoachSulky Rabbid/Love-Struck Rabbid/Moonless RabbidsRabbiddoll/Rabbid Stratagems/A Rabbid's ValentineThe Last Rabbid/Mini-Rabbid/Rabbid NegotiationRabbid Test Pilot/Rabbid Brass Band/Mini-Rabbids vs. Giant ChickenRabbid Fetch/Rabbid Escape/Rabbid WerewolfInvisible Rabbid/Rabbid Anthem/The Incredible Rabbid Space Time Machine

TBA: Rabbidstein/Anti-Grabbidy/Rabbid DummyTwo Rabbids in Orbit/Rabbid Remote/Rabbid School

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The Golden Plunger

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